More Bear during the last week of January 2011.

Another bear has been spotted in the corner 40 of the farm. This one may have cubs, and is not to well hidden so we recommend you stay away.

Here are some pictures of the bear that had a den near the Mid West hunting area during the winter of 07-08.

DSCF1340.JPG (1548450 bytes)DSCF1342.JPG (1700921 bytes)DSCF1335.JPG (1642995 bytes)DSCF1337.JPG (1631130 bytes)DSCF1338.JPG (1667230 bytes)DSCF1339.JPG (1661309 bytes)

The bear has moved out and unfortunately I never took any more pictures.

We were hoping to set up a trail cam as had been suggested by some of our members but were unable to towards the end of season.

The critter just got too active to be safe.

As it turns out it was about 200- 250 lbs, not a real big bear. There were several more sighted in the spring by the local deer bow hunters, some bigger mostly smaller.