Fox Ridge Game Farm 2016 gun deer season.

Many people ask us about the opportunities for deer hunting at Fox Ridge or how we did last season. We do have extremely limited deer hunting availability for our members only, and for gun deer season only.
We don't allow bow hunting anymore at all so don't even ask.
Unfortunately we are currently full and there is a rather extensive waiting list but if you would like to know more about it please ask us.

Last updated 11/28/16 07:56 AM

We harvested about 21 deer total for the farm.  While that may seem like a lot of deer keep in mind that we hunt across 1000 acres and that means we only shot nearly 1 deer per 50 acres.
Of the 21 deer, 16 were doe and the other 5 were bucks. A very nice 8 pointer with a 17inch spread, and a larger 10 pointer. One was a half rack that would have been very nice if it wasn't half spike.  Other deer were spotted, and several bucks were passed on so hopefully that will be a good sign for next season too.  This was the second year for my nephew hunting and he manage to shoot His first buck, just inside the ears and a nice 10 pionter.  Congratulations Christopher!  Several of our neighbors got some very nice bucks as well.

Some deer were passed to let grow for another season and many of our neighbors had good luck as well as passing on some of the smaller ones.  I just can't speak enough for how nice it is to have a good relationship with nearly all of our neighbors.  It has made hunting a lot more enjoyable.

This year it was the cold and very windy the first few days, then foggy, then rainy weather that had the some impact on how the deer moved.  We had a full range of weather this year. Deer drives are certainly becoming less popular due to people not wanting to push deer off their properties.  Most of our neighbors and us try to coordinate drive times so that we might kick them back and forth to provide better hunting between all of us.  When you are lucky enough to have good hunting relationships with your neighbors it makes it a lot easier.  Still even with the drives there are some areas of the farm that no longer support deer.  We have started a long range trimming process that will have short term drawbacks but long term success.  If all goes well we will spread our herd out over more of the farm in the next 5-10 years and possibly increase its size as well.  Cutting trees and trimming brush lines will help stimulate new growth over the next few years providing better cover and habitat, but it takes time and can certainly hurt the short term hunting, some sacrifices must be made.

It was a great season, and we look forward to next year.