The Fox Ridge news letter in case you missed it.


Fox Tracks

August 17th, 2017


Greeting from all of us at Fox Ridge,  

 Here we are only a couple weeks away from pre-season, September 1st.  Hope this letter finds everyone doing well, and we look forward to seeing you this fall. 

            Cover:  This year, being one of the wettest on record in the last 90 years, we managed to get the plating done with a no till drill early June.  Most of the low areas in the strips are drowned out or are stunted so winter cover may be limited in some fields however the fall grasses are going to be great.

            Property Change reminder: We no longer have the lease on the southernmost property for Windmill East and Windmill West areas.  We will be adjusting the maps as soon as possible.

            Wild Game Feed:  We want to let everybody know about the annual wild game feed at the Blue Spruce.  It will should be held February 3rd, 2018 starting at about 5:30 pm.  A whole variety of roasters filled with pheasant, deer, bear, and other game will be available.  All proceeds from the food go to charity and it has been a great success in the past.  If you can make it we highly recommend stopping by.

            Karl Zeitler Memorial Hunt:  Something new this year will be a fun trial April 7th here on the farm. We will have more information available as we get closer to the date.

            Memberships:  We still have a lot of memberships open, so if you know of someone that may be interested please let them know, or bring them out to see the farm.

Season Information:  Preseason begins Tuesday September 1st with hens at $13 and chukars at $11.   Regular season hunting starts September 15th and ends on St. Patrick's Day March 17th as always.  Open hunting runs all season and ends March 31st.  We will be closed entirely November 17 through the 27th for gun deer hunting season, and there will be no bird releases December 24th through the 26th for Christmas.  Open hunting is available during the Christmas break, and the front of the lounge and cleaning room will open.

Clubhouse or cabin:  Several members have been staying with their families and having backyard cookouts.  Remember there is no charge for anyone 17 years old or younger for hunting or staying the night.  If you are interested in staying overnight in the clubhouse or cabin, please try to make arrangements well in advance for reservations as some weekends book up early.  Again this year, some members even used our facilities instead of hunting in the western states. 

Bird Prices:  Extra birds have gone up this year.  Extra birds are $17 each for straight run, roosters are $20, hens only are $14, chukars $12

Large quantity bird release packages: Packaged hunts for our members. 50-74 birds at $15.50 each ($775), 75-99 birds at $14.50 each ($1087.50), and 100-399 birds at $14 each ($1400) 400 or more call for arrangements.  (prices are subject to late season release fees). This includes no guest fees for up to 10 people, and use of several hunting areas on the farm.  All birds used in the package must be released the same day, and none of the birds will count toward your membership. (no bank birds) 

20 bird release discount package: This is a one day, 20 bird, single release hunt for $300. This package will only be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays that we normally release birds starting September 15th and ending in February, and these 20 birds will apply to your bank. 

Donít forget that you can use any package in conjunction with our $10 per night, per adult lodging as well to make an enjoyable outing for a weekend, or weekday.

Hunting Rules:     We are looking forward to having another outstanding season with your help, so as always our main rules are as follows.  Everyone is to wear orange while hunting.  No orange, no hunting.  No beer or alcohol before or during hunting.  No hunting from the roads (on or off the farm) equally as important, all hunters must stay in their designated hunting areas.  We would like to thank you in advance for abiding by our rules. This provides a safer hunt and more enjoyable outing for everyone.


                                                                        Hope to see you soon,

Bill, Kathy, Mike, Kim, Alex, and Donovan