Posted 3/10/2003

Pheasant Tarragon


1 lb. Wild rice

2 2-1/2 lb. Pheasants, quartered

2 medium Spanish onions, chopped

˝ lb. fresh mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

2 cups white wine (one for drinking and one for cooking)

2 11 oz. cans cream of chicken soup

1 lemon

˝ lb. Butter

3 dashes tarragon


Sauté mushrooms and onions in butter at high heat until browned.  Add wine and cook for additional 2 minutes until half done.  Put aside and keep warm.


Bake pheasant for 1 hour at 325 degrees.  While pheasant is baking, heat cream of chicken soup, a squeeze of lemon and tarragon.  Combine all ingredients and ladle over pheasant.  Continue to cook an additional 45 minutes, or until tender.  Baste pheasant with sauce often.

Serve over rice.  Makes 4 servings.