Last updated - Friday, September 15, 2017 06:11 AM

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Area affected Rating Description
Snow Conditions: None. It will be here soon enough.
Field Conditions: Great. The fall grass cover is in excellent condition.
Sorghum Cover: Marginal. Due to the wet spring many of the fields suffered.  There is cover but some fields are better than others.
Willow and heavy brush cover: Thick. The thicker cover may be a bit wet after any rainfall but will be good hunting once the snows fall.
Roads are currently: Currently Open. Be aware that all ATV and logging trails are not for driving. When in doubt, don't!! Call or check in at the lounge. Remember to park only in the parking areas. Please never drive on the ATV trails or airstrip. Thank you.

Please remember that cover conditions are always the best during the fall or early winter hunting.