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Over 1000 acres dedicated to pheasant hunting.

Our hunting season runs from September 15th through March 17th.

All hunts by appointment, 3 day notice required.

Over SIX MONTHS of hunting opportunity!

No bird release on Mondays.

Memberships are full. We are now taking names on our waiting list for future seasons.

Check our COVID19 page for more information about our policies. Last updated Sept 26th.

Nonmember hunts are filled for the season and are no longer available!

Last updated - Feburary 22nd, 9:00 AM

Extra birds for Members:

Pheasants: No longer available.

Chukars: No longer available.


All birds must be released by March 17th. There is no carry over, any unused birds will be forfeit.

The whole purpose of the Karl Zeitler Memorial Hunt is to honor the memory of Karl by his family after his sudden death in 2010. The concern that someone could attend the event and possibly be at risk of contracting COVID, which does have the possibility of serious health hazards, is not a chance that anyone in the family or at Fox Ridge wants to take no matter how slim.

With the possibilities of health risks and low attendance we are planning to postpone the event for one more season. Our hopes are that by next March the dangers of COVID will be lessened and that everyone will be able to enjoy a great event filled with excitement and laughter.

Mark your calendar for March 26th 2022!!